Sound Decisions in the 21st Century

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The 21st Century Challenges

Military, Business, Institutional, and Government decision-makers in the world of today confront an array of hybrid problems. Leaders must deal with more layered, chaotic, and internally conflicted situations than ever before, and often these problems have impacts beyond their expectations.

The age of the Internet and twenty-four hour news cycle has integrated most elements of public and private life. Problem-solvers must deal with issues unique, full of pitfalls, and unidentified traps. They often face conditions of limited time, no correct off-the-shelf answers, little secrecy, and continuous public access to enormous amounts of unfiltered information.

Today's issues rarely stand alone; they are constantly interacting and morphing, changing the nature of each situation. Communication technologies, security dynamics, socio-economic conditions, and political variables are interlinked.

The 21st Century Answer

The slower pace of the 20th Century allowed time for thought, reflection, research, and consultation. Though these factors are still important elements for effective decision-making, they are not enough today. Now, lacking time to act or react, leaders must be able to draw on an adjunct resource. One that delivers trustworthy, distilled information, sound analysis, plans, and optional courses of action based on a broad range of expertise and wealth of experience. These are essential to properly anticipate and overcome the complexities of today’s world. That's where we come in.

The Metisien Group Commitment

The Metisien Group (TMG) was created to support military, business, institutional, and government leaders in their decision-making today. TMG commits itself to helping leaders address the ever-changing complex demands of an evolving, even frenzied world. We use embedded teams to help bridge cultural, social, economic, and political misunderstandings that prevent good decisions, and we achieve long-term solutions. The Metisien Group commits to bring to the table Knowledge, Experience, and Expertise – elements that are unfortunately in short supply in today's world.